Here are some organisations who can support you. In an emergency situation, if you do not feel safe, dial 999


Harbour Centre

the harbour centre

The Harbour Centre is a Sexual Assault Referral Centre which opened in September 2010 and provides a range of services for people who are victim of rape, attempted rape or assault by penetration.

At The Harbour Centre, we can offer you a place of support; provide practical and emotional support to help you recover. Rape and serious sexual assault can happen to anyone regardless of gender, sexuality, race, religion, age, disability or background.

You can access our services either via Police or you can contact us directly. You can also be referred to our services through another agency as long as they have your consent.

Tel: 0845 456 4810





We are a specialist domestic abuse charity and currently support over 8,000 adults, children and young people every year in Norfolk. It is our primary aim to offer advice, support and information to anyone who has been or is currently experiencing domestic violence.

Tel: 0300 5610077



Sue Lambert Trust

sue lambert trust

The Sue Lambert Trust is a Norfolk based charity which provides support for survivors of sexual abuse. We provide a range of services including one to one counselling, practical support and a telephone helpline. We also run this website as a source of support and information. Our services are free, are available to women, men and children aged 11+, and are available for as long as they are needed. Much of our counselling and support work is done in Norwich, but we also have premises in Great Yarmouth and limited services in other parts of Norfolk.

Tel: 01603 622406



Broken Rainbow


Our National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* (LGBT) Domestic Violence Helpline provides confidential support to all members of the LGBT communities, their family, friends, and agencies supporting them. The helpline is run by trained LGBT people and provides a space where you can talk through what is going on, and explore your options. We can:

  • provide confidential information, advice and support
  • help you create your safety plan
  • explore options around housing, legal advice, counselling and local support groups
  • tell you about your local LGBT friendly services
  • discuss the possibility of reporting to the Police

Tel: 0800 999 5428


Rape Crisis

rape crisis

Rape Crisis England & Wales is a national charity and the umbrella body for our network of independent member Rape Crisis organisations.
On their website you will find: how to get help if you’ve experienced sexual violence and details of your nearest Rape Crisis services; information for friends, partners, family and other people supporting a sexual violence survivor; information about rape and other forms of sexual violence for survivors, students, journalists and others; more about our work, our members and how you can support us.


Time to Stop


Time to Stop is the message that Norfolk and Suffolk Police are promoting as part of a joint campaign to prevent and reduce rape and sexual violence in our counties.

The public awareness campaign aims to educate, inform and reassure, to ensure people are armed with knowledge that can help protect them, their friends or their family from becoming a victim, or to know to where to go for help if they have been a victim.